Co2/Erbium Resurfacing

CO2 Silktouch laser resurfacing procedure was introduced to Canada by Midwest Laser Centre. Silktouch resurfacing is a precise and flexible rejuvenation treatment option as the technology can precisely tailor the depth and degree of resurfacing to each individual treatment. The procedure is effective in improving skin texture, removing blemishes and fine irregularities, tightening the skin to reduce lines and wrinkles and improving scarring.

This treatment allows for a ‘refreshing’ of the skin surface as the gentle resurfacing reveals new and healthier skin. Silktouch also stimulates the renewal of skin’s natural collagen stores leading to a softer, smoother appearance overall. Resurfacing has the potential to smooth fine lines and wrinkles found around the eyes and mouth, soften deep laugh and frown creases, as well as the potential to minimize some acne and surgical scars.

Silktouch resurfacing is also used as a companion treatment to facelifts or eyelid surgery as it has the ability to provide ‘touch ups’ in terms of smoothing out any fine lines or imperfections that may remain. CO2 Silktouch laser resurfacing procedures are tailored to each individual and treatment in order to improve upon specific concerns or to provide comprehensive full facial resurfacing.


Disclaimer: Results may vary from patient to patient.

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