Fotona Skin Tightening

Fotona Skin Tightening Series

Multiple laser modalities to combat facial aging  - 4-6 treatments approx. 1 month apart. 

Each part of the treatment has its own unique benefits. They can also be delivered in customized combinations to work on deeper, medial and superficial connective structures of the skin. Combined they provide synergistic, non-invasive solutions for both the exterior facial and interior oral cavity, while simultaneously targeting different skin imperfections.

The Fotona approach stimulates full-thickness contraction of collagen, volumization without injectables, reduction of wrinkles and pigment and a fine polishing of the skin. Your face will not only look rejuvenated but also younger, tighter and more vibrant! 

We start with | Intra-oral
Tightening for the lower face from the inside out! What is incredible about this treatment is that reduction of wrinkles can often be detected right after the treatment. Tightening of the cheeks, diminishing of the nasolabial folds and lifting of the oral commissure is usually evident immediately. 
A pulse of laser light is delivered at such low speeds it can safely be performed inside the mouth. The laser beam is aimed at the mucosa membrane inside the mouth to target the underlying tissues of the inner cheeks. The controlled thermal effect produces a wound healing response and the stimulation of collagen remodeling. The treatment has also proven effective for mild to moderate perioral wrinkles, better known as lip lines. By raising the upper and lower lips, and targeting the mucosa membrane around the mouth, the area around the lips themselves can be treated. Mild to moderate perioral wrinkles can be improved significantly. In fact, the average wrinkles score in clinical trials resulted in an improvement of 69% with a series of five treatments. There is no pain during the treatment, only a slight warming sensation. There are also no adverse effects such as redness or swelling after treatment.

Then we treat the skin with an all over laser energy called | Piano Skin Tightening
Piano provides an outstanding tightening effect on areas experiencing skin laxity. It heats the skin safely and rapidly, building the heat gradually to stimulate collagen synthesis and cause an overall synergistic tightening effect. It is suitable for all skin types, even very dark skin.
Piano causes bulk tissue heating by concentrating the energy delivery subcutaneously. It uses a unique super-extended seconds pulse and a brushing technique to complete a full-thickness bulk heating to the dermis while sparing unnecessary thermal damage to the epidermis. Since Piano mode does not cause high initial temperature peaks in the epidermis it is the safest mode of reaching deeper lying skin tissues. It is also indicated for the promotion of wound healing and scar prevention. This treatment feels like the sensation of warm water being poured on your face. Your skin may feel warm afterward and be a bit pink for about 30 minutes after the treatment.

Now we hit it with withFrac3
Frac3 targets deep skin imperfections, is suitable for fair, medium or dark-skinned patients. It has also been shown to improve atrophic (depressed) scarring, texture, and tone, wrinkles, flushing and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, all while also tightening skin. It creates a self-induced 3-D fractional effect which is localized to pre-existing skin damage. Other fractional technologies deliver energy by fractionating the beam itself. This technique is non-selective with regard to local skin imperfections. A Frac3 beam is whole upon delivery to the skin and is fractionated by the skin’s imperfections as it proceeds towards the subcutaneous tissue. The damage is located predominantly at the sites of the skin imperfections. It is self-induced in that the tissue is treated only where required. 

Last is a mini| Skin Polishing
A very light laser peel that is used to further improve the appearance of the skin. This light cold ablation reduces surface imperfections with an extremely controlled treatment. It minimizes surface irregularities such as fine lines and pores to polish the skin and create a smoother pearl-like finish. During this part of the treatment, you will feel only mild discomfort. Afterward, you will be quite pink for a day and dry for a week. SPF should be worn in the treatment area for a month to avoid excessive sun exposure.


Disclaimer: Results may vary from patient to patient.

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