Celazome Gly-Body Wash

Celazome Gly-Body Wash


Exfoliate to a glow, from your neck to your toe. Effective in treating Keratosis Pilaris, offering anti-aging benefits to your body skin, and reducing body acne.

Skin Type: All

Application: Wet skin. apply a dime sized amount to bath puff and rub puff together to lather. Apply to targeted body areas using circular motions. Rinse skin and towel dry. Apply this product three times weekly.

Key Ingredients:

  • Glycolic Acid: derived from sugar cane; an AHA that removes dead skin cell buildup

  • Lactic Acid: retextures the skin’s surface and stimulates cell renewal

  • Wax Micro Beads: water dissolving wax beads that exfoliate and polish skin

  • Green Tea Extract: potent antioxidant that suppresses inflammation and irritation and reduces puffiness

  • Salicylic Acid: exfoliating action that improves the look and feel of skin

  • Sesame Oil: a light emollient that is obtained from the seeds of sesamum indicum

  • Glycerin: helps skin retain moisture

*Best used with Gly-Body Lotion and Penetrating Body Lotion

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