Celazome Serum Vitae Purifying Moisturizer

Celazome Serum Vitae Purifying Moisturizer


A high potency blend of antioxidants that provides a free radical protection. Greatly improves skin’s clarity, noticeably reduces fine lines and wrinkles, soothes and softens skin.

Skin Type: Oily (also provides effective relief for redness-prone skin)

Application: Apply 2-3 pumps to face and neck (A.M. and P.M.).May be applied over Code 4 Spray Lotion.

Key Ingredients:

  • Retinol (0.4%): increases the rate of skin cell turnover while stimulating new cell growth

  • Vitamin C (MAP): powerful antioxidant that aids in wrinkle reduction and skin lightening, resulting in brighter, more even-toned skin. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Ylang Ylang Oil: clears congestion and smoothes skin

  • Geranium Oil: refreshing, anti-irritant, mildy tonic and astringent; beneficial for those with inflammatory tendencies

  • Lavender Oil: antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties

*Best used with Purifying Botanical Cleanser and Purifying Toner

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