Lip one syringe too much?


Being in this industry for 3 decades this is one of the most common questions we get at Midwest Laser Centre.

"Is one syringe too much and do you sell 1/2 syringes?"

And the answer is one syringe isn't really that much at all and no, we do not sell 1/2 syringes. 

Here is why-

Lip augmentation has grown steam thanks to celebrity endorsements, the non-invasive component, and the general increase in patient awareness of this service option. It still leaves the questions of "will i like it?, what if its too much?" and these are very valid. Each individual will essentially have to make the decision whether this is something for them or not. Realistic expectations need to be addressed and most importantly the right product with an experienced injector is key.

Dermal fillers have been around for alot longer than you might think. Dating all the way back to the late 1800s....we certainly don't use the same filler from back then. Modern science and medicine has come together to continually improve our options. No matter what brand is used the most common injectable filler is hylauronic acid based. This is a molecule found in our bodies that is easily tolerated when placed in the skin and has the ability to be very smooth and natural looking. Areas in the face that are common to treat are the cheeks, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, tear troughs, and of course, lips. 

Lips are a beautiful option for filler to increase volume, correct asymmetry, and diminish fine lines. When lips are injected it tends to be an area that swells more than other areas of the face. Due to the vascular component of the lips, filler does not typically last as long when placed there. 

We talked to Dr. Sabrina Stewart at Midwest Laser Centre and asked her the very question you are wanting answered, "Do I need a full syringe?" 

"Most fillers come in a 0.8ml or 1.0ml pre-packaged syringe. This isn't a lot of product and the average lips (depending on the desired look) will need that amount to make any noticeable changes." Sabrina Stewart, MD. "It would be very bad practice to "save" partially used syringes for a later date and if a clinic is storing these syringes or sharing among clients this gives additional risks to the client." 

Now what if in a consultation the client wants just a very light fill?

"We have a variety of thicknesses in our fillers. This means that we can achieve your desired look by choosing fillers that possibly have less hylauronic concentration and composition." 

"Consultations by a physician are mandatory in Saskatchewan prior to deciding on filler treatments. Make sure you ask your doctor and decide on a plan together. "

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