Moles & Lesions

While most moles are harmless and don’t require treatment, in some cases, a mole will need to be removed if it poses a risk for cancer or if it bothers a patient, for aesthetic reasons or otherwise. Once your dermatologist or doctor has identified a dangerous mole or you have identified a mole you’d like to remove, there are a few options for treatment. These options include excision, shave removal, freezing, and laser removal. At Midwest Laser Centre we offer Co2 laser treatment for elevated moles and the Vbeam pulsed Dye laser for vascular lesion. 

CO2 Mole Removal

CO2 Silktouch laser resurfacing procedure was introduced to Canada by Midwest Laser Centre.The CO2 Laser is a highly effective way to remove unsightly or bothersome benign moles and textural irregularities of the skin such as bumps, skin tags and warts. This form of removal is widely regarded as superior to traditional surgical techniques as the laser targets only the affected area. In addition, CO2 Laser Removal doesn’t involve stitching, which can leave scarring. Instead, the Laser seals the skin as it targets the tissue, leaving a smoother surface than would ordinarily occur with traditional surgical techniques.
The procedure is safe, quick and simple and the treated area heals quickly, with great cosmetic results.

V-Beam Perfecta Pulsed Dye Laser


The V-Beam laser is an excellent option for those looking for a safe and effective means to treat:

  • Telangiectasia or facial and nasal spider veins

  • Rosacea or red facial lesions

  • Port Wine Stains or red birthmarks

  • Some types of scars

  • Patchy discoloration of the skin

These potential benefits are achieved through the laser’s selective targeting of the blood vessels that create the vascular condition without adversely affecting the surrounding tissue.


Disclaimer: Results may vary from patient to patient.

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