Fotona Laser Peels

Old, worn-out skin is ablated away by a fractional Er:YAG laser. This precise treatment creates micro-ablated channels that will be replaced with new, tighter and healthy tissue as new skin forms.

Using fractional light to rejuvenate the skin can be very effective in treating melasma, sun spots, acne scarring, and fine lines and wrinkles. Treatments can extend from light touch-ups to deep collagen remodeling, ideal for those who want drastic rejuvenation effects, but are not inclined towards aggressive surgical or chemical alternatives. This treatment is suitable for all skin types and tones, with minimal patient downtime.

How do laser peels work?

Our skin is a remarkable organ. Not only is it the largest organ in the human body, capable of protecting the rest of the body from numerous environmental threats and hazards, it is also constantly renewing itself. However, the process of renewal slows as we age, which means our skin is more likely to show the hardships of its difficult job in the form of age spots, sun damage, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.

To reduce the appearance of these signs of aging all that is necessary is to speed up the skin’s normal process of shedding and renewal. Lasers are ideal for this because they can evenly and precisely remove the dull, damaged layers of skin without chemicals and without abrasion. Your deeper, younger layers of skin are exposed and your skin’s natural healing response is stimulated, resulting in a smoother, tighter, and more vibrant skin.

What can laser peels treat?

  • Treats Mask of Pregnancy and Melasma

  • Improves Acne scars

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

  • Diminishes the appearance of large pores

  • Improves overall skin texture and tone

What can you expect at a laser peel treatment?

At an initial consultation your certified technician will provide the best treatment options and go over expected downtime. A topical freezing cream is placed on cleansed skin for 30-45 minutes. During treatment you may experience a hot, prickly sensation as the laser fires on the skin. After the treatment you can have redness, swelling, flaking, and a hot burning sensation (like a sunburn). Post-treatment you should avoid ice and sun exposure. You will be given skin care instructions by your technician.

For optimal results your technician may suggest a take-home skin care regime.


Disclaimer: Results may vary from patient to patient.

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